Server Environments

Data management is a mission critical service of any company. The most prominent question for many owners is where best to store data: on local machines or migrate to the cloud?

The decision between on-site or cloud largely depends on the company’s needs. What you should never do is cherry pick the best parts of each option and apply by purpose.


We are Experts in bare metal hardware and software server design and integration.


  • Patches, updates and fixes
  • Security management
  • Anti-virus management
  • Account management
  • Network administration
  • Availability monitoring
  • Operating system management
  • Application management
  • Alert management


  • Trend analysis
  • Utilisation monitoring
  • Capacity management
  • Application response measurement
  • Configuration management
  • Performance tuning


  • Service Desk support
  • Access to technical experts
  • Major/minor incident response
  • Problem management
  • Remote diagnostics/fix
  • Server recovery
  • Third party management

Mission Critical

As your businesses grows, you become increasingly dependent on access to your IT infrastructure. Critical improvement in the control, management and operational performance of IT infrastructure is always a must.

Server Management Services

Every environment is different and with a proper survey, the choice between on-site or cloud can be made. Both options come with their own advantages and drawbacks. Let us help you design the perfect solution. We are ready to assist.