Managed Services Agreements Terms and Conditions

Table of Contents

Foundation for Managed IT Services: 3

The Foundation Managed Service Plan. 4

Security to keep you safe. 4

Disaster Resilience and Recovery. 4

Endpoint Protection. 4

IT Vendor Management 5

IT Automation. 5

FSMP and what it encompasses. 5

FMSP Services Outlined. 6

Coverage and Service Availability. 7

Service Availability: 7

How fast is the service and resolution turnaround?. 7

Things to Do Before Contacting Support 8

What type of discounts are available to FMSP Clients?. 8

How pricing works. 9

Charges for Services. 9

Devices Covered. 9

Conditions of Service. 9


Foundation for Managed IT Services:

Managed IT Services is the practice of augmenting or replacing the management of IT business functions. It can include the management of technologies such as Help Desk support, core network, telephony, and break/fix, and patch management.

Traditionally, companies could hire a handful of IT staff to build, manage, and troubleshoot problems across their entire IT landscape, but to ensure high performance and availability; you need an IT team that is built for each IT function (ex. data center, security, etc.).

It also combines flat-rate, unlimited IT support for a monthly fixed fee with the proactive monitoring of IT workstations and infrastructure for such things as: Routine hardware maintenance — We keep your hardware working at all times of the day and help you avoid downtime. Every Managed Service plan needs to start with a solid foundation.

The Foundation Managed Service Plan

Whether you’re upgrading from a legacy system or want to improve your levels of data compliance, transforming your business – and how your end users work – can free you from the frustrating technical concerns that clog up your day. We help you achieve this by giving you more time to focus on what matters and stay focused on the other task that are important to your business.

Our unique approach to managed services keeps us agile and best of all, we don’t tie you down or into a long-term contract. Our agnostic capability allows us to build bespoke solutions for your business and deliver end-to-end digital transformation by refining your people, processes, and technology.

  • Control IT Costs
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Compliance Expertise
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Increase Security
  • Access to Certified Experts
  • Business Data Protection
  • Unify Technology

With combined decades of high level experience all across the IT landscape and being partnered with the some of the world’s leading technology providers, our business is underpinned by a dedication to service excellence and to providing the very best, innovative technologies to our customers.

Security to keep you safe

The planning and design (or redesign) of your IT platform, as well as our continuous service monitoring, ensures the highest level of security across your IT systems. We build complete redundancies and put in place practical and rapidly accessible cover for all contingencies. These are designed around the specific operations and usage of the business and guarantee operational capability and continuity in the event of network or cyber-attack or physical disaster.

Disaster Resilience and Recovery

With all types of data corruption possible, Malware computer viruses, hardware failure, power failures, and all kinds of Acts of God, the risks are always on the increase. We have learned to expect the unexpected at every corner and adapt. Business continuity and keeping your company up and running is incorporated in every Managed Service Plan to help get your business back in motion following a technical disaster.

With a wide range of onsite, cloud, and hybrid Disaster Recovery Solutions with high availability recovery, peace of mind that your valuable business assets are safe, protected, and can immediately be restored should the need ever arise.

Endpoint Protection

Every endpoint we manage will have the necessary protection in place. That is why we have partnered with Security Providers that have proven results. Criminals are continually developing new ways to attack, and a reliable and comprehensive endpoint security package is a must.  Additionally, since most companies are subject to some form of compliance and privacy regulations, protection for endpoints is 100% necessary to help businesses avoid hefty fines and damage to their reputation due to a security breach.

IT Vendor Management

Every Managed Services plan comes with a base Vendor Management service. Many business owners and their employees are overwhelmed when tasked with coming up with an IT solution or when an IT servicing issue requires Vendor Support.  We will work with all your IT third-party vendors and will be a central point of contact that can handle all these issues and solve them effectively and efficiently.  We speak IT, and we can facilitate the process a lot quicker to reduce your overhead costs, improve vendor performance, and identify/ manage risks.

IT Automation

Routine IT tasks such as proactive health monitoring, image and data backups, patches and updates are automated. This consistency leads to high quality results and reduces the possibility for human error. We configure our tools to the handle complex tasks dynamically and intelligently, based on predefined parameters. Our solutions are forward thinking and offer maximum value through efficiency.

FSMP and what it encompasses

With different environments, technologies, sizes, and performance requirements, there will always be options. However, our foundation provides a core base of services and security that is still the same, no matter if you are a small business or fortune 500 company.

We also only partner with integrated solutions providers that understand the importance of working together, that provide a more engaged human-to-human partnership with us. From the perspective of efficiency, the reality is that there are a number of downsides and risks to working alone working but together as a Team, we can accomplish anything.

  • Antivirus/Malware (1st Level) – Provided by our partner BitDefender, we configure to fortify your endpoint security using selected available 30 prevention modules along with endpoint hardening and risk analytics.
  • Antivirus/Malware (2nd Level) – Today’s threat landscape is changing fast so as a secondary line of defense, MalwayeBytes provides protection that keeps you cyber resilient, remediates at scale, and prevents attacks.
  • Remote Management Agent – Provided by our partner Atera to assist with:
  • Pre-configured administrative and maintenance tasks on your equipment.
  • Identify and automate software update patches, ensuring your customers’ networks are always up to date.
  • Backup – At a foundation, every instance comes with data backups of essential files in pre-defined file locations of My Documents, Desktop, My Pictures and My Videos. Our partner, SolarWinds’ provides a proprietary deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization technology that is built for cloud-first backup. Safe around-the-clock storage and security in their data centers located on four continents, Certifications, include ISO, SOC I, SOC II, and HIPAA.

FMSP Services Outlined

Our IT experts are dedicated to managing your end-to-end infrastructures with decades of hard experience across the IT landscape. DN has over 500 customers that continue to entrust our Expertise and Guidance. Offering the below services helps form an integral part of your overall strategy. It addresses some of the broader challenges facing your business, such as adding customer value and improving user acceptance and satisfaction. The below structure in our FMSP services has been designed to utilize our strategic support partnership tools and experience that delivers a reliable, secure, and flexible IT strategy aligned to your overall business objectives.

·       MSM01 – Network Foundation Service – What is included

This service provides automatic proactive monitoring and system search that identifies each piece of equipment connected to the network. That includes the devices that manage traffic and the endpoints that the client’s staff use. Once the sweep of the target system finishes, the network discovery tool will compile a list of all devices encountered during the search. Network discovery doesn’t just happen once. We scan your network periodically and updates the equipment log so you know which devices are employee-owned and authorized to connect.

We also can provide status reports and attributes of each piece of equipment, such as manufacturer, model, serial number, and age. One use of this database is the ability to implement the amortization of equipment and sort devices that are approaching the end of their service life. Also, the network inventory, updated periodically provides a moment by moment profile of the network and all of its devices. This can be an excellent source for security standard compliance auditing if that inventory data gets archived off frequently.

Remote automated service includes:

·       24/7 Network heartbeat monitoring

·       24/7 Fault/performance monitoring

·       24/7 Real-Time network availability alerts

·       24/7 Network thresholds and capacity alerts

·       UPS automated monitoring

·       Firmware Monitor and Maintenance

·       Configuration backups

·       Disaster recovery and Config Backup

·       MSM02 – PC Foundation Service

We provide a full range of remote management services using industry-leading tools, allowing us to monitor and manage your PC infrastructure 24×7 proactively, all designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize system downtime and failures.

Remote automated service includes:

·       24/7 Anti-Virus management

·       24/7 Fault and performance monitoring

·       24/7 Capacity HHD, SSD disk monitoring

·       24/7 System threshold monitoring

·       24/7 Uptime monitoring

·       24/7 Automated maintenance

·       24/7 Automated service issues

·       Automatic ticket creation

·       MSM03 – Server Foundation Service

Cost-effective, round-the-clock management and support for all Windows server. Server management service includes proactive support which includes real-time server monitoring, hardware status reporting and repair and real-time uptime alerting. Services are delivered through our in-house expertise server and networking team.

Remote automated services include:

·       24/7 Anti-Virus management

·       24/7 Heartbeat monitoring and alert

·       24/7 VM heartbeat monitoring and alert

·       24/7 Drive and Raid monitoring

·       Disaster recovery and Data Backup

·       Troubleshooting and fault resolution

·       VPN and Remote management

·       Patch maintenance and Panel updates

Coverage and Service Availability

·       What and who is covered:

Every FMSP will have a document on file with DN called “Client User Asset and Declaration.”  This document provides essential information such as the Main Point of Contact, Authorized Users, Authorized Service Locations, and CPE (Client Premise Equipment) covered under plan. Any additional CPE, Users or Sites will require approval from the Main POC prior to servicing and may incur additional costs.

Service Availability:

  • Our normal hours of operation in the United States are between Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST time.
  • Our normal hours of operation in our Lucknow, India location are Monday through Friday between 5:00 PM to 1:00 a.m. IST time. (6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. CST time.)
  • Emergency support is on demand by our On-Call Technician.

How fast is the service and resolution turnaround?

A service-level agreement (SLA) helps define the level of service you should expect. It includes a response to an incident chart that is a part of the overall metrics by which service is measured. This is a critical component of any technology vendor service.

“Response time” is defined as the amount of time between when the client first creates an incident report (which includes leaving a phone message, sending an email, or using an online ticketing system) and when the provider actually responds (automated responses don’t count) and lets the client know they’ve currently working on it.

However, since issues can be an inexact science to resolve, the time to fix can never be promised, only response time to an incident. Nevertheless, we can guarantee to make sure every issue is regarded as the highest importance. As a Managed Service Client, you will always be at the front of the line with other FMSP Clients. Meaning your account will have priority over our Break/Fix Clients.

As part of the DN Corp.’s continual service improvement commitment, we constantly review and update our SLA. As of today, the current SLA chart is as follows:

·       Response time SLA

The service level agreement response times defined:

IMPACT Definition First Response
No Impact No hinderance to working. Workaround is available. 24 hours
Minor Interruption to working; workaround may be available. 8 hours
Major Interruption to critical processes affecting individual users; no work around available. 2 hours
Crisis Interruption to mission critical business processes; affecting several users; no workaround available 1 hour
Server Issue Interruption to mission critical business processes; affecting several users; no workaround available 1 hour
Site Down Interruption to mission critical business processes; affecting all users: no workaround available 1 hour

Things to Do Before Contacting Support

We want to make sure we resolve your issue fast. So if you need help, call or send a message and ensure that you have the following detailed and complete information:

  • Your name and location and where and how to contact you in case of a problem.
  • A description of the problem and its severity.
  • Any error messages and what was processing at the time the problem occurred.
  • The applications and versions you’re working with.
  • Any changes made recently.
  • In case of a request or question, a description of request or question and relevant details.
  • Have information ready if there was any modification, installation, or service performed by individuals not employed by DN in case there may be a connection with servicing.

What type of discounts are available to FMSP Clients?

·       Discounted Services Available

·       Non-covered remote support such as after hours, weekend and emergency support – 20% off applicable standard rate ·       Phone Service – 10% off applicable standard Phone System and Service rate
·       Onsite support – 20% off applicable standard rates ·       Web Development and Support – 20% applicable standard rate
·       Products – 10% off any product purchased ·       Project Work – 10% off

How pricing works

We provide a tiered per PC device model. The per-device model is a flat fee for each type of device that gets supported. For instance, a basic per-device pricing model designates a flat price: Per desktop / per server / per network printer / per managed network. The pricing is straightforward to quote, and the monthly service fee gets adjusted when you add more devices into this model.

You can also create a customized IT managed services bundled package for yourself, tailored to your company’s specific needs or requirements. From an all-inclusive, IT Managed services models or pre-bundled package, we have you covered.

Charges for Services

All billable charges will be invoiced at the end of each month. The invoice will be sent via email to the provided email address. Typical terms are net 30 with payment expected within thirty (30) days, unless otherwise specified by DN. A late charge may apply if not received by due date.

In addition to the other amounts payable and due, you will be invoiced for all sales and other taxes, federal, state, or otherwise, however designated, which are levied or imposed by reason of the services provided. If you are past due on any invoices more than 60 days, DN reserves the right to refuse or suspend service.

Devices Covered

Things change, and we have to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. So we may need to renegotiate rates based on additions of locations, hardware, software, hardware support requirements, and services and modify this Agreement (or any portion thereof). If we need to change, we will provide a 30-day notice.

Conditions of Service

If DN will manage your Network, we will need to make sure it is in good condition and DN serviceability requirements/standards and site environmental conditions are met. We will inspect the Network before the commencement of the management to create a diagram of the Network and conduct a diagnostic test of the Network. Unless stated otherwise, the survey and inspection may be charged against the Account using our standard hourly billing rates.

Most importantly, if you need help, it is important that we are your first stop because we cannot be responsible for loss of use of the Network or any other liabilities arising from alterations, additions, adjustments, or repairs made to the Network other than by authorized representatives of DN. Promptly notify DN of any events/incidents that could impact the services and we will respond in a timely manner via phone, email, remote access, and/or onsite.

Safety is our priority, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any service or agreement if in its sole discretion, conditions at the service site pose a health or safety threat to any DN representative.


We hope this guide helps you understand our FMSP. We strive to ensure that expectations are clear on both sides of the fence, and our number one priority is to keep you up and running.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like a package specially designed for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime online at or by calling 281-516-8112.