DN Deliverable requirements

All work orders and deliverables are required to be signed and uploaded prior to leaving any site. Once you have the signed work order and/or deliverables uploaded, please call our help-desk to verify receipt.

Below are specifications that are acceptable for signed work orders:

  • Please provide all signed work orders in PDF format.
  • For iPhone or Android, you can use Camscanner to turn your signed work order into a pdf that you can upload. Click here to visit website to download.

Below are specifications that are acceptable for pictures:

  • All pictures must be set at 1280 x 720 – standard high density (HD)
  • Must not be blurry
  • Must be horizontal

Below specifications are acceptable for videos:

  • MUST be horizontal
  • WVGA/ (Wide SD) / 720 x 480 so for a 60 second video at this setting will be around 26mb.
  • Provide videos in 60 second slots.

If not indicated in work order, please provide descriptive and understandable naming conventions for all your deliverables:


  • For pictures: SiteName_WideShotofMDF.jpg
  • For videos: First video- SiteName_SiteSurveySlot1.mp4, second video – SiteName_SiteSurveySlot2.mp4

Upload Form specifications:

  • Acceptable file formats: .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .docx, .xls, docx and .xlsx
  • Max of 50mb per upload limit.
  • All uploads will be zipped together and sent to Help-Desk


    To confirm receipt, please call: the Help Desk at 281-516-8112 option 2