Wireless printer connection issues

Can’t connect to wireless printer #

First, make sure you are trying to connect to your Wi-Fi and not via Wi-Fi Direct — they are two different technologies. We also highly suggest the traditional routine of turning everything off and back on again, especially if your printer has connected to Wi-Fi successfully in the past. If your printer is far away from your router and keeps running into Wi-Fi errors, try moving it to a closer position, too.

Also be sure it is actively connected to the network. Usually printers have a report page that will show the IP address. Try and locate the IP address and from any computer connected to the same network, open a command prompt (windows key -R) and type cmd. At cursor type “ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ” replacing xxx with the ip address of the printer and without the quotes.  IF you get a successful reply back then it is connected. If you get a timeout error, then the printer is not connected to the network. See your user manual to reconnect.

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