Sangoma Phones Getting Started Guide

Sangoma Series IP Telephones Quick User Guide and Basic Phone Operations #



  • Use the Speaker Button to turn speaker on/off
  • Use the Headset Button to use the headset once it had been

Making A Call

  • Take Handset/Headset off-hook or press Speaker button or an available LINE key (activate speakerphone).
  • The line will have dial tone and the corresponding lines LED will turn
  • If you wish, select another LINE key (alternate SIP account).
  • Enter the phone
  • Press the SEND Horizontal Soft


  • Press the History key and select the number to
  • Press the Send


Single Incoming Call:

1)     Answer call by taking Handset/Headset off hook or press SPEAKER or by pressing the corresponding account LINE button.

Multiple Incoming Calls:

  • When there is a call waiting, users will hear a Call Waiting
  • The next available LINE will flash
  • Answer the incoming call by pressing its corresponding LINE
  • The current call will be put on
  • Toggle between the calls using the LINE


End a call by pressing the “Cancel” soft key or hang up the phone.


  • Hold: Place a call on ‘hold’ by pressing the hold
  • Resume: Resume call by pressing the corresponding blinking


If you are in a call and wish to transfer the call to another party.

Blind Transfer: #

  • Press Transfer
  • Dial the number and press the Send button to complete the transfer of active

Attended Transfer: #

  • Press an idle line key to make a new call and the active LINE will be placed on hold
  • Once the call is established, press Transfer button followed by the LINE button of the held line to transfer the
  • After the call is transferred, phone will display idle

Transfer to Voicemail: #

  • Press the Transfer to Voicemail
  • Dial the destination extension
  • Press the Done soft

Call Park: #

  • Press the Call Park button
  • The system will announce the parking space (71- 78).

Retrieve Call Park: #

  • Press the Call Park
  • Scroll to the parking space, (71 – 78). The system will display the parking space as well as caller

Initiate a Conference Call: #

If you are already in a conversation and wish to bring a third party together in a 3-way conference.

  • Press the Conference button, or the Conference soft
  • Dial the third-party number followed by the SEND
  • When the call is established to the third party, press the Conference soft key to initiated 3-way

Leave a Conference Call: #

  • While in a conference call, press the Leave soft key
  • The two other party will now be joined Good to use when tying two outside party’s together.

Split a Conference Call: #

  • While in a conference call, press the Split soft
  • The two other party’s will be placed on hold and can now be handled

End a Conference Call: #

1)     Press “Cancel” soft key in to end the conference call and hang-up.


A blinking red MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) indicates a message is waiting.

1)     Press the message button to access visual voicemail messages.   Select the message you would like to hear first.


  • Press the MUTE button  to mute the
  • The Mute icon indicates whether the microphone is


Use the volume button to adjust the ring volume when the phone is idle. Press the volume button during an active call to adjust the call volume.

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