No sound in calls

Call Connects with No Sound #

Hello, can you hear me? If your calls start like this and you can’t seem to hear callers, we’ve got a solution for you! This usually occurs because a firewall is blocking what is called the RTP packets from flowing back and forth. The SIP protocol often requires adjustments in network routers that do what is called “rewrite packets” using RTP. Unfortunately you will need to et your IT involved for this issue. They will need to check your firewalls and open ports as it might not be allowing flowing traffic to pass.

However try and resolve by rebooting your phone. All you need to do is remove the power cable or if the only cable is the network cable, remove and then plug back in. Make a call and test. Sometimes a simple refresh is all it takes. If the issue persists, create a Help Desk ticket and make sure you include in  the description any steps you have taken.

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