Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

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Outlook Email Shortcuts #

ALT+S Send the e-mail
CTRL+ENTER Send the e-mail you’re composing.
CTRL+C Copy selected text.
CTRL+X Cut selected text.
CTRL+P Open the Print window.
CTRL+K Complete the name or e-mail being typed in the e-mail field if found in the address book.
CTRL+B Bold highlighted selection.
CTRL+I Italic highlighted selection.
CTRL+M Send and receive all e-mail.
CTRL+Q Mark selected e-mail as read.
CTRL+U Mark selected e-mail as unread. Underline highlighted text (within an e-mail message).
CTRL+R Reply to an e-mail.
CTRL+F Forward an e-mail.
CTRL+N Create a new e-mail (when in the Mail section).
Create a new appointment in your calendar (when in the Calendar section).
CTRL+Y Go to folder.
CTRL+SHIFT+A Create a new appointment in your calendar (from any section of Outlook).
CTRL+SHIFT+O Open the Outbox.
CTRL+SHIFT+I Open the Inbox.
CTRL+SHIFT+K Add a new task.
CTRL+SHIFT+C Create a new contact.
CTRL+SHIFT+J Create a new journal entry.
CTRL+SHIFT+V Move e-mail to folder.

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