Keyboard Shortcut keys

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Keyboard shortcut keys #

CTRL+A Moves the cursor to the beginning of the line.
CTRL+B Moves the cursor backward one character.
CTRL+C Cancels the currently running command.
CTRL+D Logs out of the current session.
CTRL+E Moves the cursor to the end of the line.
CTRL+F Moves the cursor forward one character.
CTRL+H Erase one character. Similar to
  pressing backspace.
CTRL+P Paste previous line(s).
CTRL+R Allows you to search for a previously used command or switch.
CTRL+S Stops all output on-screen (XOFF).
CTRL+Q Turns all output stopped on- screen back on (XON). Also, closes an application window.
CTRL+U Erases the complete line.
CTRL+W Deletes the last word typed. For example, if you typed mv file1 file2, this shortcut would delete file2.
CTRL+Z Cancels the current operation, moves back a directory or takes the current operation and moves it to the background. See bg command for additional information about background.
CTRL+ALT+D Minimizes all application windows and shows the desktop.
CTRL+ALT+L Locks the screen.
CTRL+ALT+T Opens a new terminal window.
CTRL+ALT+UP/DOWN ARROW Switches between workspaces (if you are a power user and use workspaces).
ALT+F2 Open the console to run a command (must be a power user).
ARROW UP/DOWN Scroll through previously used commands.


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