The Perfect Service Ticket

Here are five helpful tips to follow when writing a support ticket: #

  1. Don’t panic: Before you write a support ticket, try to stay calm. You might find this piece of advice silly, but staying calm helps you to explain your issue in a systematic manner. When you do, it also allows us to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.
  2. Write a concise subject line: The subject line is the most important part of your support ticket. Why? Because it helps in telling us right off the bat what your concern is. Concise subject lines are short and direct to the point. These are the subject lines that help us help you address your issue right away. Also, when you describe the problem in the subject line, it makes it easier for us to prioritize it, especially if your issue is severe.
  3. Use the correct category: Another way that we can prevent frustration on your part is by providing different problem categories you can choose from. Choosing the category that best identifies the nature of your problem allows us to route your ticket to our team members who specialize in this. We’ll know right away whom to assign your ticket to based on their related skillset.
  4. Give a full description of your problem: Now comes the meat of your support ticket. We can’t stress this enough. The more details in your support ticket, the better we can help.
  5. Add a screenshot or screen recording: To back-up your description, we would greatly appreciate if you uploaded a screenshot or screen recording showing the issue. Visuals can speak louder than words. You’ll want to make sure that your visuals elaborate the description.

Once you submit your ticket, you’ll receive an email that confirms we’ve received your message.

What happens behind the scenes: #

As a ticket moves through the service desk and escalations, it may be handled by many different people. To provide the best possible experience for customers of the service desk, every new person holding the ticket will review the entire documented history of the ticket. This saves you, the Client, from repeating and re-explain the issue to several IT support workers throughout the ticket handling process.

As the ticket progresses towards a resolution, you can always check the current notes applicable to your ticket on your Client Portal. Once it is resolved, you will be notified or have worked with your technician to resolve it. After the ticket is closed, you will be provided with a survey on the overall general performance of the assigned Technician who worked on your ticket.


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