How to install Autoid Mechanical


Autoid Mechanical is a program used by Efrain’s department at Mesa Mechanical. A server program for Autobid is installed on a server machine (\mesaquickpen), while workstation programs are installed to connect into that server.

“Trimble” is the developer of Autobid Mechanical.


Instructions to install the program to a workstation are below. Instructions to install the program to a server are provided below by Trimble as well.

Video demonstration can be found here:

to install the Autobid Mechanical workstation client, right-click and mount the 2016.1.504 ABMC ISO file and run it

on the workstation itself. This ISO can be retrieved from the \MesaquickpenTrimble  folder or from

Run the Autorun to begin the installation. During the install, you may get an error saying a file cannot be installed. Hit retry and it should go through.

After installation, connect it to the \MesaQuickpenTrimble server folder.

When prompted, use the Windows authentication option. the program will connect.

At the program’s login prompt, login to the program with admin/admin.

New users and security permission can be set in Tools > Employees. Click the padlock icon to set permissions.



Below you will find a link to download the latest version of Autobid Mechanical, as well as directions for install;


2016 Documentation

If you run into any issues please feel free to contact us for more help.


Trimble MEP Support

Tel: 1-800-234-3758



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