How to factory reset your Dell Windows 10 PC

Resetting your computer back to factory default (out-of-box-condition) is one of the most powerful tools you’ve got in your troubleshooting toolbox. On a basic level, when you reset Windows 10, it will reinstall Windows 10 again. That solves a lot of problems, especially file corruption, on the computer. It will take your Windows, macOS, or Chrome OS computer back to the original state it was in when you first got it home from the store,. T

hat means other unwanted programs that may have found their way onto your system, any clutter, malware, viruses, or bugs that may have built up in the time since then will be gone.

Of important note, the option to remove everything, including data, will also remove all your data and installed programs. So backup all of your information before performing. Then, just reinstall all your programs and move back to your PC after windows reinstall.
If you plan to sell, transfer or give away your PC, this is an essential service that you should ALWAYS do prior.

Steps to perform reset to factory default:


1.       Press the windows key
2.       Select Reset this PC
3.       Click Get Started
4.       Click Remove Everything
5.       Follow options  


Once your computer reboots, you will have a fresh PC ready to go for its new User or yourself.

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