Firefox can’t install on Clients on Domain Server with GPO Policy


Some customers are on a domain server that have a GPO policy that prevents the installation of Firefox. When they try to install the program, they get an error saying policy forbids it.


The workaround is to:

  1.  Clear the user’s temp folder (ex: C:usersGregappdatatemp)
  2.  Run the Firefox installer.
  3.  An error prompt will appear saying policy prohibits the installation. Keep the prompt open.
  4.  The installer data should folder pop up in the users<user>appdatatemp folder.
  5.  Now copy the installer data from temp folder to c:dansupport (or any other folder)
  6.  Close the error prompt from  before, then run the installer EXE in the C:dansupport folder

-Jerry, July 2017


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