Choppy call quality

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Choppy Audio #

We’ve all been there. Someone is saying something super important, and it cuts out in the middle of their sentence. We inevitably have to say, “Can you repeat that?” and the person on the other line has to repeat themselves.

This common VoIP problem is likely due to your bandwidth capacity. Bandwidth measures how much data can be sent over a connection in a given amount of time.

If you are hearing someone else cut in and out, it’s a problem with your download bandwidth, and if they hear you cut in and out, it’s a problem with your upload bandwidth.

When using an internet connection, whether it’s for VoIP or browsing, small units of data are sent in packets. When these packets fail to reach their intended destination, packet loss occurs.

The side effects are network disruption, slow service, and low call quality. And, it often impacts high-bandwidth services like audio and video first.

Try and resolve by rebooting your phone. All you need to do is remove the power cable or if the only cable is the network cable, remove and then plug back in. Make a call and test. Sometimes a simple refresh is all it takes. If the issue persists, create a Help Desk ticket and make sure you include int he description any steps you have taken.

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