Calls go straight to voicemail

Calls Go To Voicemail Unexpectedly #

It’s a big problem when your phone doesn’t ring. Whether your inbound calls are going straight to voicemail or even another phone, you’re letting your customers down. The good news is that it’s a pretty simple fix! A possible setting was likely forgotten, or your phone is no longer registered with the VoIP provider. You’ll also want to check that your phone is not on Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. You’ll know that this is the problem if there is a circle with a horizontal line inside of it.

First step is to make sure you are registered to your PBX. Try and resolve by rebooting your phone. All you need to do is remove the power cable or if the only cable is the network cable, remove and then plug back in. Sometimes a simple refresh is all it takes. If the issue persists, check the DND option or call forwarding. If the issue will not resolve, then create a Help Desk ticket and make sure you include in  the description any steps you have taken.

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