The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Our company motto

We just make IT work!

Our beliefs

Every client is created equal

Our goal

To be the best at what we do

Our Guarantee

We we deliver to the best of our abilities, everytime!

Our Experience

Combined 60+ years all across the IT landscape.

Our culture

We are a Team of brothers and sisters working towards a common goal. To take care of our famililes.

DN started in the multi-housing industry and quickly has moved into several sectors in the IT industry. We are a growing company that has undergone many changes over the years.  Our philosophy is that if we build relationships centered on trust and provide service fueled by the passion for what we do, nothing is impossible.

Our Team

We are a family of “Nerds”and proud of it.  Our people continuously striving to bring fresh new ideas to succeed in the competitive world.

Success can never happen

if you have never failed and learned from your mistakes.


We love what we do

No one at DN wakes up int he morning and dreads coming to work. We all wake up with a smile on our face and look forward to the new challenges because this is not a job for us; it is a career!

We believe that every man or woman helps choose their own destiny by what we do everyday from the moment we wake up until we close our eyes to go to sleep.  Everyday we can make simple changes to grow and progress into the person we want to be.

When we keep an open mind and are willing to change, we are able to grow into the person we want to become. One of the most rewarding feelings in the world are knowing that you made someone smile. That is why we all have chosen to become helpers of those who need help.

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