Frustrated woman


When you have to work with tech support do you feel like they are speaking another language?

Technology should make life easier.

Technology is a tool that should makes life easier. It is all about increasing efficiency and helping to keep you productive. But with so many rapidly evolving technologies available, how do you keep them up and running?


When technology goes down, cell phones come out, social statuses are updated and that high score someone was trying to beat yesterday doesn’t stand a chance to remain on top. Even when it comes back online, after each downtime incident, it has been reported that employee performance only returns to around 70% of its pre-downtime level.

“Wearing multiple hats is not a fashion statement”

Staying on top of your IT environment is a needed but arduous process. Usually the designated “IT person” tasked to handle these duties are in fact not even IT professionals. They spend substantial amounts of time on resolving issues rather than performing the tasks they were hired to do. Sometimes this can be a good way to add on skills but if your role is to be the Manager or Leasing Agent, you may quickly wonder why on earth you went to college if this is what’s become of your career.

Do you know someone who understands what you need and how to deliver it?

Finding someone with broad awareness of your industry segment and your target market is difficult. If your footprint stretches all across the US, it is even more difficult. In fact, no one company can be everywhere. So when an experienced company is tasked with providing support services nationwide, those who will succeed work with local vetted resources. It is not easy finding someone who can provide that single point of contact let alone someone who can handle everything from a-z: phones, gates, wireless, networks, PC’s, printers, websites, security cameras, access control, telco issues, cabling issues, software issues, etc…

With a seasoned technology partner by your side, you should be able to keep pace as your organization evolves and your occupancy grows. Success in the things you do require a “vehicle” called partnerships and the “fuel” you put in is called making the right choices. Having someone who is on top of your technology game for you is critical so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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