Overcome business challenges faster and effectively with managed IT services

Managing your IT may require significant upkeep and maintenance costs. As a break-fix service provider is paid for each visit, the costs could significantly escalate for you. Moreover, an hourly rate may lead to purposefully slow service.  Break-fix is a reactive solution in which you call an IT support provider when something breaks or an issue occurs. You may be stuck with expensive repairs and downtime as a result. Break-fix relies on waiting until an issue occurs and as such may require time to investigate and address issues. Meanwhile, you continue to bleed profits till the issue is resolved.

As opposed to a break-fix service wherein the technician arrives at your location and fixes your IT issue, managed IT services take care of your IT infrastructure in a preventive and proactive manner. A business availing managed IT solutions and services focuses on prevention rather than reaction, and resolves issues before they disrupt employees, the management and the all valuable clients. A successfully running business cannot afford the risk of relying on break-fix maintenance. Further, having multiple vendors responsible for different parts of your IT infrastructure means that you will have to contact different vendors for different issues, and you may not have the time for all this amidst your other business commitments.


Consistent supply of IT support

The managed service provider (MSP) offers you a significant incentive over a break-fix service with continued and consistent service to keep your IT infostructure consistently up and running. As a trusted managed IT services provider, DN Corp provides you with reliable IT support and talent with a goal to prevent the potential failures at the first place.

DN Corp’s range of managed IT solutions spanning across network, cloud, communication and security, and a centralized, single-point of access to managed IT services ensures that you are able to react to business challenges faster and more effectively.

As reliance on IT grows among industrial sectors, IT support must evolve for the businesses to operate effectively. It is easy to fall behind with important things such as updates, security, patches and backups that increase your odds of facing an IT outage at a crucial time. Your small in-house team can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to upscale your IT infrastructure and fix urgent issues. Managed IT solutions and services is the answer to all your such business concerns.

With DN Corp, the leading provider of the managed It solutions and services, you not only will have your IT up and running at all times but also gain a lot of benefits, such as:

Converged services

You get a cost-effective, converged connection for all your managed IT services with enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Centralized access 

You get improved performance from the staff with centralized access to all your applications, data centers and servers, as well as storage and backup infrastructure.

Network security

With active prevention of unauthorized network access and a steady overview of network activity, DN Corp will ensure that your network remains secure at all times.

Proactive monitoring and issue fixing

Our proactive approach to managed IT solutions ensures that there is a minimal downtime as we catch up with issues before they escalate.

Prevent sunk and operational costs

You incur significant costs with your in-house team such as monthly salaries, office upkeep, insurance and other benefits. By outsourcing your IT to DN Corp, you save significantly on managing your IT operations and expenses that add little or no value to your IT ecosystem.

Low capital outlay

A low-cost, fixed monthly payment plan with predicable monthly costs ensures that there are no unexpected upgrade or overage charges.

Future-proof services

DN Corp’s managed IT solutions ensure that you will never have to worry about your IT infrastructure going obsolete as you have continued and unhindered access to cutting edge technology.

Business continuity

You continue to deliver your services and maintain business continuity even if your main office is lost due to natural calamities or other reasons with DN Corp’s robust disaster recovery solutions.

Flexible service

Our pay-as-you-go plan allows you to scale up and grow when needed, or realize cost-savings when you need to consolidate.

More efficient management of resources

Your technical and non-technical staff will be able to manage their time more efficiently as they have time available to focus on their primary job tasks instead of involving themselves in support functions. They can direct their efforts in revenue generation activities and innovations. DN Corp’s qualified, certified, trained and experienced technicians ensure that you get best-in-class services. Rather than rushing to experts after a disaster has occurred, you will have the advantage of preventive, proactive care as the issues are fixed before they turn into a massive problem.

Harness additional talent and expertise in a cost-effective way

Partnering with DN Corp will help you simplify your IT with significant benefits for business continuity and cost reduction.  Tap into the additional talent and expertise to harness new technology and keep your IT optimized and running in peak condition. You also have the freedom to customize your engagement with DN Corp to meet your varying business requirements as and when needed.

How to fix outlook email | IT consulting firm in Houston


                                                        “IT consulting firm in Houston 



How to configure outlook client 

  1. Launch Outlook. 
  1. On the File menu, click Info. You will see Account Information page . 
  1. Click on Add Account. The Add New Account dialog box appears. 
  1. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, and then click Next. 
  1. Select Internet E-mail, and then click Next. 
  1. Under User Information, in the Your Name text box, type the name that you want to be shown on messages you send. 
  1. In the E-mail Address text box, type the e-mail address of the account you created in cPanel. 
  1. Under Server Information, in the Account Type list box, select the type of incoming mail server that you want to use: 
  • If you want to use POP, select POP3. 
  • If you want to use IMAP, select IMAP. 





Information Technology has now become the base of everything in this Era of digital transformation. From a smartphone to a Server, IT is as big as you can imagine. And no matter what if you have a large workspace or small. If you run your business over multiple computers including both desktops and laptops then you have to have an IT consulting firm which can help your business run smoothly. 


If you regularly require solutions for your IT related issues and you are looking for an IT consulting Firm in Houston, then DN corp is the best window for you to reach out. DN corp is one of the most trusted and reliable IT consulting firm in Houston.  


What is the best thing about DN Corp? A team of IT professionals that includes systems engineers, field technicians, help desk technicians, remote support technicians, all supported by a team of customer-facing professionals that focus on providing managed service and value to your organization. Which makes DN Corp one of the most reliable IT consulting Firm in Houston. 


How to connect a network printer windows 7 | Managed Service Providers

How to connect a network printer windows 7
Steps to connect a network printer
1.Under the start menu select devices and printer.
2.Select add a printer
3.Make sure the network printer is powered on and online
4.Select the desired printer you want to add on network.
5.Set this printer as default if you wish to do so, by right clicking on this printer icon and thereafter selecting “set as default printer” option.

Are you a non techie? Do you require continuous IT solutions for your office or work place? Then searching on google might not help you to that extent. What you might need is a Managed Service Provider.

What does the Managed Service Providers do? An Manage Service Provider can help you reduce your service cost by providing a consolidated IT services including your desktops, laptops and IP phones.

At DN Corp We offer a suite of managed and subscription based services to our clients, but the real advantage behind these solutions is the amazing Help Desk people at DN Corp.

A team of IT professionals that includes systems engineers, field technicians, help desk technicians, remote support technicians, all supported by a team of customer-facing professionals that focus on providing managed service and value to your organization. Our managed services are typically flat rate monthly offerings.

Systems are down again.

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Employees can easily get caught up in doing so many jobs, taking care of so many tasks, that they can quickly become overloaded.